29.Jul.14 1 day ago
28.Jul.14 2 days ago
Would love to see more galaxy pants and panties. They for whatever reason are super attractive. Btw, shout out to all the submitters to this blog, and also thankyou alexa for being the best moderator. You are beautiful!!!

Well hopefully some ladies reading this who own galaxy apparel (undies/leggings/etc) will choose to wear them and submit in the near future! 

thanks for the shout out to both myself and the submitters, I really appreciate it! I don’t think they ever get all the love they deserve :)

27.Jul.14 3 days ago
95% of these chicks have no booty. Your blog sucks a dead man's dick.
  1. your opinion doesn’t matter
  2. your opinion is wrong and horrible
  3. this blog isn’t about big asses it’s about yogas/leggings
  4. this blog isn’t here to meet your standards 
  5. you are nobody and mean nothing to me or my followers
  6. if you don’t like what you see unfollow, why waste your time and subsequently my time with this anonymous bullshit. 
27.Jul.14 4 days ago